Remembrance is a key priority for the Manche Département, for it is important that future generations keep the memory of History alive. It must be possible to prevent a recurrence of past errors by knowing the causes behind the outbreak of a conflict and by being aware of what a serious crisis can descend into. This is why, as part of the celebrations marking 75 years since D-Day, the Département has decided to organise events for youngsters.

The Manche Département encourages young people to explore topics to do with the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of France and Europe

Calls for project proposals in secondary schools

For 2019, the Département had suggested the 75th anniversary of D-Day as a topic in calls for project proposals, and 18 proposals were submitted in this respect.

Events with the Anne Franck Gesamtschule in Düren

A young German choir of twelve 16-18 year olds with two teachers has been set up especially for the 6 June celebrations. The choristers will perform German peacetime songs, introduced by French excerpts of texts from Anne Franck’s diary. This compositional work will be carried out beforehand at their school. The students will sing in public during the D-Day anniversary celebrations.


6 June at 17.00: concert at Utah Beach

7 June: Concert at the German cemetery of Huisne-sur-Mer

8 June: Concert at Foucarville and official German ceremony

9 June at 11.00: Concert in La Fière

10 June at 14.00: Concert in Sainte-Mère-Église

Memorial visit with students from a secondary school in Carentan-les-Marais

Since 2011, teachers and students at Gambette secondary school in Carentan have been engaged in historical research on Jews and the “Righteous among the Nations”. This is a unique initiative in the Manche Département. To help them keep this work going, the Département had the idea of taking them to see the key remembrance sites. So, in February, the Manche Département-level Council organised a visit for the students to the Shoah Memorial in Paris (which is managed by the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War/ONAC-VG).


Women were granted the right to vote on 21 April 1944. 2019 will mark the 75th anniversary of this right. On 29 April 1945, they voted for the first time during the municipal elections.