Leo is a fictional character. He was a teenager during the year 1944 (from February 1944 until the winter of 1944, about 10 months). It’s for the younger generation today, 75 years later. If the character is fictional, he tells a story based on real events that all happened in the Channel in 1944.


My name is Leo. I am 14 years old and here is my story in 1944.
I was born on January 8, 1930. I live with my parents Mathieu and Jeanne in Cherbourg. Soon we will be 4 because I am going to have a little brother or a little sister. Daddy is a doctor and a teacher mom. I dream of being a diplomat.
Part of my family lives in the Channel. There is my grandmother, Solange, Papa’s mother who lives in Saint-Lô and whose husband died in Verdun. There is Papa’s sister, Marguerite, who is married to Joseph. They had a son, Ernest, my cousin. I have another aunt, Marie, Mom’s sister who runs a farm with my uncle Louis in Tribehou. We are very close to them and I love to visit them on the farm to play with my cousins Pierre and Jacqueline.
This is my story, neither more nor less than that of a young Manchois during the war.

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