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IX – Photo credit

Photos: David Daguier-CD50, US National archives, Thierry Houyel-CDT50, Sabrina Lorkin-Anibas Photography-CDT50, ONAC-VG, Saint-James Inter-municipal Community, Archives de la Manche / cd50

Photos of accommodation options: Anse du Brick camp site, Etang des Haizes camp site, GDF50, Clévacances50, Haliotis camp site, Le grand large camp site, Pom-roulottes camp site, Le petit gris farm camp site, Altos Hotel, Patton Hotel, L’hermitage Hotel, Chantereyne Hotel, Le Landemer Hotel

Videos: Agence Numériques, Thibault Lebouteiller-CD50, videos produced by the INA and France 3